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June 2020
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Are you yearning for the warmth, friendliness, and cheer of a good local pub? Drop by "Four Guys Walk Into a Bar..." and sit in on the conversation. Whether it's serious or silly, you'll walk away satisfied.

How It All Began
One day, a couple of us were talking about our favorite radio programs and podcasts and why we like them. We realized that we're really drawn to the ones that make us laugh (do we listen to Car Talk for advice on cars? We do not). And we realized that we're lucky enough to have a group of friends who make us laugh like that. So we thought, We should talk with those guys more often. And maybe, we thought, other people would enjoy those conversations as much as we do. So we turned them into a podcast.

Come Join Us!
Feel free to download the episodes below either directly or through the iTunes store, or if you'd just like a few samples/promos, check out our MySpace page.

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